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Ian Bell run-out causes controversy

Mahendra Singh DhoniThe third day of the second Test between India and England was filled with some amazing cricket but it was the controversial run-out of Ian Bell that it will be remembered for all throughout.

The incident occurred in what was going to be the last over before the end of the second session of the third day's play. The ball was hit wards fine-leg by Eoin Morgan and the batsmen had run three. By that time, the fielder, Praveen Kumar, thought that the ball had rolled over to the fence and threw it gently back to the wicket-keeper.

Bell, who had reached the striker's end, where the wicket-keeper had the ball, started to rush back towards the dressing room before realising that the ball had not been signalled a boundary. The umpire had also not called over and nor had he given the bowler's jersey back to the bowler.

The bails were whipped out by the fielder, Abhinav Mukund and the Indians appealed. The on field umpires consulted amongst themselves and called the third umpire to check whether the ball had rolled over the fence. When the replays were looked at, there wasn't anything to tell that the boundary had been hit and the third umpire declared it out.

A rather surprised Bell walked off in huff but the good news for the team was that it was tea-time which allowed the captain and the coach of the English side to speak to the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni was asked to review the appeal and withdraw it, which Dhoni did after having a chat about it with his team-mates.

At the start of the third session, Bell and Morgan walked out to bat again, much to the excitement of the English crowd who cheered at the decision. Bell went on to score 159 and the English side ended the third day on 441 for six.

Earlier, the Indians had a golden opportunity to shut the English team out of the game when they were 267 for four in reply to England's 221 all out. However, a Stuart Broad hat-trick on the second day of the play meant that the side was left with only a 67-run lead that allowed England to get away from the Indians.

By the time the third day's play had ended, England were 374 runs ahead with four of their wickets standing.

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